Review Your Forgiveness Eligibility


15 – Minute

Federal Loan Forgiveness Evaluation

Loan Forgiveness In 3 Easy Steps

1.Review Your Forgiveness Eligibility

Find out if you’re eligible for a lower payment, discharge or forgiveness.

15 Minutes
 2. Select The Best Option

You may have multiple programs to choose from. We will guide you.

10 Minutes
3.Prepare And Submit All Documentation

CLASS will submit the necessary paperwork to enroll you in the forgiveness program.

60-90 Days

Who we can help:

√Struggling borrowers just looking to lower their monthly student loan payment and apply for long term Loan Forgiveness

√People in default on their student loans (even if your tax refund is being garnished)

√Students who were misled or lied to by their school and need their Federal Loans discharged

√Those who attended a school that closed on it’s own, or forced to close by Federal agencies

√Employees of government agencies, non-profit organizations, public schools and public servants that need to enroll in the 10 year loan forgiveness program

√Permanently disabled borrowers that qualify for immediate loan forgiveness


 If you Apply for Student Loan Relief, you might be eligible for benefits that include:

√ Having Your Loans Completely Forgiven

√ Lowering Your Student Loan Payments to as low as $0.00/ A Month

√ Help With Student Loans in Default

√ Loan Cancellation & Discharge

√ Consolidate, Defer, or Postpone Payments

√ No Upfront Fees, Call to Speak to a Counselor

√ Reduce Your Debt up to 80%

√ Save Thousands in Interest


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