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 Federal Student Loan Management Programs

Ready to Receive Relief of Student Loan Debt? Join thousands of graduates that are receiving special benefits with Department of Education Student Loan Forgiveness Programs! CLASS Financial was established to offer student loan help and expert enrollment support. Call: 844-236-3332 today!

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Monthly Payments! Did you know that you might be paying your student loans when you don’t have to? You might also be paying more than necessary. CLASS Financial’s No Obligation Consultation offers you a complimentary analysis of your situation. If you qualify for one of the many Government programs, we will assist you with enrollment!

Loan Management In 3 Easy Steps

1.Review Your Forgiveness Eligibility

Find out if you’re eligible for a lower payment, discharge or forgiveness.

15 Minutes
 2. Select The Best Option

You may have multiple programs to choose from. We will guide you.

10 Minutes
3.Prepare And Submit All Documentation

CLASS will submit the necessary paperwork to enroll you in the forgiveness program.

60-90 Days

Program Placement Specialists are available to help with Benefit options Monday through Friday From 8:00 a.m. PST – 8:00 p.m. PST. Call 1-844-236-3332 

Who we can help:

√ Struggling borrowers just looking to lower their monthly student loan payment and apply for long term Loan Forgiveness

√ People in default on their student loans (even if your tax refund is being garnished)

√ Students who were misled or lied to by their school and need their Federal Loans discharged

√ Those who attended a school that closed on it’s own, or forced to close by Federal agencies

√ Employees of government agencies, non-profit organizations, public schools and public servants that need to enroll in the 10 year loan forgiveness program

√ Permanently disabled borrowers that qualify for immediate loan forgiveness


 If you Apply for a Student Loan Management Program, you might be eligible for benefits that include:

√ Having Your Loans Completely Forgiven

√ Lowering Your Student Loan Payments to as low as $0.00/ A Month

√ Help With Student Loans in Default

√ Loan Cancellation & Discharge

√ Consolidate, Defer, or Postpone Payments

√ No Upfront Fees, Call to Speak to a Counselor

√ Reduce Your Debt up to 80%

√ Save Thousands in Interest

Build A Plan To Manage Your Student Loan Debt Now!


15 – Minute

Federal Loan Forgiveness Evaluation

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What Our Clients Are Saying-

I have had the pleasure of working with CLASS for the past couple of years now. During my initial conversations with Stacey, I felt her honesty in everything we spoke about. Stacey does a great job keeping me in the loop, if I have any questions she gets back to me within minutes. She makes our professional relationship feel a little more personable. She is an amazing person to work with! -Jennifer Acevedo
CLASS Financial is a Full Service Consulting and Document Preparation Company offering services to anyone who may need our guidance & support before, during and after the student loan consolidation & repayment process. Please visit our Privacy Policy for additional Terms of Use. Call 1-844-236-3332 to get your free consultation today. We work on a case by case basis and are not affiliated with the Department of Education. Our document preparation fee schedule is based on a sliding scale and is determined at the time of your consultation. The tedious application process, vast program options and time consuming document preparation has left many Americans struggling to determine which direction to go. There are many benefits in choosing a 3rd party to represent you and help navigate the benefits associated with the variety of forgiveness programs available today. We will help you find out what options you qualify for and walk you through the consolidation application process. We have services in all 50 states, and there is no up-front fee or obligation to pay for the services if you decide not to use them. You can file these papers yourself at no cost, but for a small fee our experts can assist you in choosing the best programs to apply for, to ensure you get the maximum debt reduction, avoid credit report hits or collections, or any other issues that may arise in the consolidation process. We take your privacy seriously. By clicking the button above, you agree to share your information with  Premier Partners and for them to contact you (including through automated means; e.g. autodialing, text and pre-recorded messaging) via telephone, mobile device (including SMS and MMS) and/or email, even if your telephone number is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list. By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted in regard to this form submit through automated means; including: autodialing, text and pre-recorded messaging via telephone and mobile devices (including SMS and MMS)*.These programs are sponsored by the US Department of Education. By submitting our form, you are not submitting for a government eligibility check. Fill in the form below and an agent will contact you regarding your consolidation status, and help you through the application process. We are not a do not claim to be affiliated with the following: any local, state or federal government agencies: Department of Education: or any student loan services, lenders or providers. We are an independent preparer of documents and forms working to assist clients with paperwork needed to complete the student loan consolidation and forgiveness process. Our services provide the preparation and completion of various student loan related forms and processes. We do not provide Legal of Financial advice. If you need Legal or Financial advice, please contact a lawyer or other professional to guide you. Please also know that you can complete these processes on your own through the Department of Education and its various entities for free. We work within the same standards and guidelines that would also be available to you. We are hired to assist our clients because of the tedious and confusing process that we have simplified due to our expertise and knowledge.  Frees paid to us are for document preparation services only and are not paid directly to your lender. We do not provide debt negotiation, settlement, management, or consolidation services. We do not guarantee results as they differ from client to client. All other trademarks used on this site are the property of their respective owners.

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